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Hotel Managers Group has worked with Madeline King since 1997. Madeline has serviced our account regardless of the size or location including marketing plans, open enrollment, and resolving problems. We have used other health insurance benefits brokers and none have matched the work Madeline does on our behalf.

Michele M. DeMayo
Executive Vice President
Hotel Managers Group

Covering your world with Global Insurances

A growing number of companies are going global. Employers are looking for ways to provide medical benefits for their employees so they can leave home with complete assurance in having access to certified, competent healthcare services.

From U.S. style health care options with full-coverage for inpatient, day patient and outpatient care to international health insurance options that offer a range of coverage, from hospitalization to international coverage encompassing all aspects of health care including maternity, dental, and vision.

For employers hiring Foreign Nationals, major medical plans are designed to ensure coverage in the United States for long term or to bridge the gap during eligibility periods.

Coverages available are extensive, such as Expatriate Policies, Travel Medical Policies, Short Term/Single Trip Policies. For Foreign Nationals, coverage options such as deductibles and annual limits vary.